Success- Free Short “More” should be visible now!

Very sorry for that, folks. I’ll definitely be more careful next time I try to blog at 3:30 in the morning! Thanks so much for your patience. Geez, I hope with all this build up, that it was worth the wait!

So “More” is now available to read! (oh, please, oh please…)


Adding to the festivities– I’ve put up a new free short!

“More” was also a prompt-inspired story.  The inspiration though this time around wasn’t a phrase, or word. Writers were given a portrait of a woman, some artwork, to get our creative juices going. It worked. “More” is much longer that “Shadows of Self”, it’s a little Twilight-Zone-y, I think. It’s one of my stories that always delivers a kick to my spiritual butt when I read it. I hope you like it!


Let’s do a little celebrating!

Let’s do a little celebrating!


I’m a published indie author!

And if that’s not special enough—today, November 14, I have the honor of being interviewed by my good friend Mae Clair over on her blog FROM THE PEN OF MAE CLAIR.

Mae has been in my corner from the beginning. She’s encouraged me to pursue my dreams to write and taught me so much. We’ve been friends for years, cheered each other along the way, finally deciding that 2012 would be the year we’d both take the leap into becoming published authors. Though she went the traditional route and I went indie—we both ended up debuting on the same day! Amazing, huh?

Mae Clair’s paranormal romance, WEATHERING ROCK is published by Lyrical Press, and getting rave reviews. I’m celebrating for my friend, too! She’s a wonderful writer, but she’s also a terrific marketer. The woman has become a social media wizard!

She’s also featured a lot of amazing writers on her blog, and I don’t mind telling y’all that  I am doing a pretty funky Snoopy Dance over getting an invite to hang out with her to chat about  indie publishing, writing, interracial romance, sweet romance, BLACKOUT IN THE GARDEN OF LOVE, what I have in the pipeline and some other great stuff!

So please pop over and join the celebration. Drop by to read, comment, or um…dance with me and my pal Mae Clair over at her blog

FROM THE PEN OF MAE CLAIR. It’s gonna be a blast!




Sixty-four and Counting! (Newbie Indie Writer Ramblings)

Sixty-four and Counting! (Newbie Indie Writer Ramblings)

How are things going?

I’m up to 64 ebooks sold of my short story  BLACKOUT IN THE GARDEN OF LOVE on Amazon. Yes, I know that doesn’t put me anywhere near Amazon’s top 100, but you know that’s alright. Sixty –four people out there have read my short story, and I can see the real magic in that.  I’m a published author, and I’ve sold something I wrote. Sixty-four somethings!  It breaks down to an average of about me selling around 2.7 ebooks per day since I published the short on October 7th.

I also uploaded BLACKOUT to Kobo and B&N Pubit.  I sold 4 ebooks on Barnes and Nobles Pubit for a total of $2.08 and have absolutely no action at all going on over at Kobo so far. Actually I didn’t see that many IRs on Kobo, and I haven’t quite figured out how folks can even see my story.

Since I’m selling Blackout on Amazon for $1.29, my profit margin is just 35%. On B&N I’m making a profit of 40% for each ebook sold.

I looked into Smashwords –which would distribute it to other major online retailers like Apple, Sony, the Diesel eBook Store and others. I guess I will also upload it there too, at some point.

My October sales:

Blackout in the Garden of Love: $30.88

I have no plans to make Blackout in the Garden of Love a freebie yet. Maybe I’ll consider doing so when I publish TENDING DEACON’S GARDEN, as a way of generating more sales for TENDING DEACON’S GARDEN. I’ll keep y’all posted on that, and continue to report to you how Blackout is selling.

I’m testing the waters here as an indie writer, and if you’re a writer thinking about sticking a toe into the indie publishing pool, come on in and join me. If I can do this, I know you can.