Onward, right?

Onward, right?

So what else is coming from this Venice Kennedy chick?

Well, I’m going to jump on the next volume in the LOVE BLOOMS SERIES. While I’ve got my WIP novel  “I See You” that I’m revising and hoping, no PLANNING to publish in 2013, I don’t want folks to think I’m one of those ‘publish one short story and then go MIA writers’.  I’m in this for the long haul. I have to write, and I’m more than invested and willing to see where this writing thing takes me.

The next story in the LOVE BLOOMS SERIES, “TENDING DEACON’S GARDEN” is more a novella then short story. It’s also a much darker story.  Darker in the sense of where my characters are emotionally and in regards to the story I’ve put together to connect them. I’m already sweet on my male lead; he’s just a hunk extraordinaire, with a broody exterior, and a heart of gold. He’s all broken and vulnerable, and has a very big reason to be that way. Something horrible happening only makes those truths about him surface.  I hope I can bring him out to you guys the way I ‘feel’ him.  I’m pairing him with a woman who is equally as scarred (more about her later). What happens when two broken-hearted and angry people have no one to turn to but each other? Well, I guess we’ll find out. Lots of tension and yes, passion thrown into the mix. When I say passion I’m not talking about hot sex, sorry. There will be romance, though. And I hope readers will still feel the sizzle!

I think it’s a prudent and wise for me to push myself to get this story out there ASAP. I like the contrast of this more dramatic and heavier story to the lighter BLACKOUT IN THE GARDEN OF LOVE. And I think I’ll even attempt to get my feet wet on marketing the story in advance, throw some snippets of it on here, and chat it up a little bit. My confidence is growing, and my purpose in sharing my writing is becoming clearer to me. Purpose? What is Venice up to? Nothing too complicated, or revolutionary.

I do believe I’m trying to do something here. Not exactly sure why though, let’s just say— I’m compelled– to write sweet IRs. Simply, I want to give folks who like sweet IRs a quality story to read and enjoy. It’s not more complicated than that.

Are you 20 people who bought “BLACKOUT IN THE GARDEN OF LOVE” with me?!! Then let’s keep it moving people!


Thanks guys!


5 comments on “Onward, right?

  1. I like the sound of your guy in TENDING DEACON’S GARDEN. He sounds yummy! Can’t wait to read about him.


    • Alicia– yes, he is yummy! I do need to put myself on a deadline to put my outline and scenes together so I can get a blurb on here sometime soon. Glad to know you’ll be around to read it and give me some fb!

    • Oh and Alicia, I know you’ve had other things on your mind lately, but I’m hoping to see some more posts from you on your blog soon. I just took another peek over there and saw that you are an OCTAVIA BUTLER fan!! It’s so funny– she’s played a very big role my returning to writing. One dreary Saturday afternoon I caught a fascinating interview of her on the tube, and something stirred in me. Soon after, I happened onto her “Parables of theTalents” and “Parables of the Sower” — they were the first books of her stories I read, and her writing style and ability to say so much in just a few words– just blew me away. Not to mention the richness of her storytelling. Deep! They made me fall back in love with writing and made me want to write. Haven’t read all of her books but have about five other paperbacks I will get to someday, I’m missing a few to complete the order of how some say they should be read. And also just finished “Kindred”, BTW. I had prepped Mae earlier this month that I wanted to introduce her to a writer that had such a big impact on me. Everyone should take a peek at Octavia’s work!
      <a href= http://www.amazon.com/Octavia-E.-Butler/e/B000AQ1SQE

      I was soo tickled to see she was one of your favs! 🙂

  2. Mae Clair says:

    I agree with Alicia. I really like the sound of the new one too. I’m attracted to damaged characters with hearts of gold 🙂

    Now that you’ve taken these steps, I do encourage you to do some advance marketing. You know I’ll be glad to help with those shout-outs! 🙂

    • Damaged– oh yeah, he’s damaged all right, Mae. I hope I’m not over-hyping the guy. Alls I know is I’m really into the guy!

      And thanks in advance! I’m already making mental notes on all the little (big) things I need to ask you about. You certainly have mastered this blogging thing and could teach me a lot. As you did with drilling into my head POV rules. That lesson stuck, to me though, the marketing part of this journey is much more daunting. So yes, we’ll be talking, my friend! 🙂

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