It’s December? Really?

Oh my, where did November go?

MS.OF time pic

What happened?

Well, there was the big storm Sandy and all the extra work hours I had to put in due to the technical problems our systems suffered. Then—there was all the cleaning house, shopping, and preparing for Thanksgiving. Okay, there was also that little bitty trip I took out of town at the end thereNow it’s – December? Really? 

Over the month of November, I made lots of choices, right?  And while I got a lot accomplished, I got very little writing done. Since I’ve set out to be an indie writer, that truth– the complete lack of attending to my dream, is a very bad thing. And I need to do some serious time management revamping. Did I really need to spend every free hour devoted to hunting down every dust bunny I could find? Washing and scrubbing, spic & spanning floors, walls, curtains, windows with such determination that all I could do by end of day was shower and flop down on the bed, unable to even put together a sentence or a lucid thought? How did that work for me, huh?


I want to write. Why don’t I? It all comes down to the ‘choices’ I make, doesn’t it? Not more complex or complicated than that. I have to acknowledge that being a responsible ‘choice-maker’ on my part has to come down to factoring in what is important to me. To start putting what I want to do toward the top of the list and doing less of those dust bunny hunts, and running around doing things I’m hoping will make life better for others.  Especially when a good amount of my work-like-a-dog effort didn’t make much of a difference in ratcheting up my family’s enjoyment of the Thanksgiving holiday.  Being together, being thankful for our health and wealth (as modest as it might be), having a few laughs and sharing a good meal is what they were looking for. Not the fact that the kitchen and bathroom curtains had been washed and ironed. So, I won’t be taking my Christmas holiday prep down the same road. No way!

Time to get back on track with my dreams; put some goals into place and time for me to focus on making the kinds of choices that will make everyday a bit of a holiday for me. Lesson learned!

So here’s what’s going to be comin’ from me:

-My sales stats for November

– I’ll get another freebie posted

And, I’ll share with you all the changes I’m making to get my next story indie-published sooner in 2013 rather than later!

Though it’s a little late—I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


4 comments on “It’s December? Really?

  1. Venice, I like your attitude! Mainly ’cause I need to adopt it. With you already committed by publishing this year, I know you will be back on track in no time. I have confidence in your ability to get it going again.

  2. Hey there, Alicia! 🙂 Looks like getting to the actual writing is going to be the biggest challenge for me in taking the indie writer route. If I don’t get my butt in gear, and my eyes forward– who else will do it? It’s so easy for us to put everything and everyone else before our writing, it’s a balance I need to work on. And I will make it work, and so will you! 🙂

    It’s so nice to have encouraging folks in your corner.

  3. Mae Clair says:

    I hear you, Venice. It’s so easy to get distracted by anything and everything. I have to squeeze writing time in and then I often feel guilty because I’m neglecting something else. Like you said – – choices and priorities. And balance. That’s the biggest hurdle, trying to find the right balance to juggle it all.

    I know you’ll be back on track and writing in no time! And I’m looking forward to that sooner-than-later release in 2013! 😀

    • Mae, you know already, how I so envy your writing/blogging/marketing work ethic. I’d be thrilled to have just a portion of your focus and productivity. But, who knows it’s just possible I do have it in me, if I just incorporate the right tools to help keep me on track. I certainly can’t expect to just say I want to make different choices without changing the way my life ‘works’ right now. I’m going to have to implement — oh my– a daily/weekly plan!!! And then stick with it. In fact, I hope you’ll do a post soon on your blog about some of the techniques you use, and maybe your crew will jump in with the best of the tools /tricks they’ve found to keep them churning out pages. I’d love to read that!

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