A Little Encouragement … via a little original poem (My first ‘blog hug’)

So yeah, I’ve written a few poems, a few songs, too. I’m guessing many fiction writers have done the same. Of course, while I dabbled around with writing poetry, I never really bothered to brush up on what makes a poem a properly crafted piece of work– and I’m sure some that I’ve shared with others were quite a mess. But, I’m really not caught up in worrying if this one I’m sharing with you guys today is done just right, as I think the sentiment is strong enough to cover its faults.

I wrote this some time ago, but I find that it fits me even better today. We all keep searching for, waiting on, dreaming about, believing in, and some of us have been blessed enough to have found– ‘that place’. Wherever it is, for each one of us– great and wondrous things are there. While many of those wondrous things will be a hand’s reach away, some of that great wave of wonder has to be about what is happening within us.

My wish, my prayer today, is that we all keep moving toward ‘that place’.

If this poem is any bit of encouragement to you today as you make your way there, that would make me very happy.

Oh—and I’ve left a fill in the blank spot, you’ll see it. Feel free to call out one, or a few, of those BS judgments you’re slinging off your spirit!

My first ‘blog hug’.

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4 comments on “A Little Encouragement … via a little original poem (My first ‘blog hug’)

  1. Wonderful Poem Venice! So true. A poem that instills self confidence, self awareness, self assurance and empowerment. I love it!

  2. Yeah— all that came through! Wonderful news, Alicia. So much around us to weigh us down, I’m wanting to keep focused on the those things that feed us. Love that you enjoyed it and dropped me a note saying so– means a lot to me, friend! Have a wonderful week!! 🙂

  3. Love it, Venice. It’s beautiful, an anthem to chasing our dreams. I particularly love the part about soaring above the prison wall, into the arms of the sun and moon. Oddly, I had a dream about flying last night. I love when that happens, although it doesn’t happen nearly enough. It brings such elation with. I’d forgotten all about that dream until I read your poem and recaptured that memory of unfettered flight, Hmmm….a bit of kisment?

    Thanks for sharing something so inspiring!

  4. …an anthem to chasing our dreams.

    Wow– love that, Mae! I’m of course, once again– amazed & tickled that we are doing this kismet thing –again! We are so tuned into each other. Very cool also that my poem brought the dream back to you! Unfettered flight? Don’t get that much, in dreams or in Real Life. But I’ll tell you, since I’ve started pursuing my writing– that sensation has rushed through me a few times.

    Thanks for you kind words on my poem!

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