My Return

Something happened to me this summer that took me out of commission.


I haven’t posted in a while because I recently lost my dad.

I really didn’t want to come here with that news. I wanted to just come back with a post that was on topic. But I couldn’t reconcile side-stepping the truth and just waltzing back in here without placing a marker right in this place that states how much the impact of losing him has had on my life.

Gearing up to do this took a while.

I’m not so sure what I was afraid of. In the end, losing a loved one is one of those things that most everyone can relate to, sadly so.  Yet grief, feels like a private, closed up space a person can find themselves hiding in. At least that’s how it went for me.

My truth is that I’ve been paralyzed to move forward until I did this.  Sending out a proclamation to any and all that read here that – my dad was here with me for a long time, loved me, was a pal, protector, example, a hero. Having had him in my life is how God has prepared me to go on without him now. I can only go on to live out my dreams, as I was a front and center witness to the humble, quiet, unassuming, faithful, powerful and out of the box ways that he went about reaching his. The man was a wonder.

So yes, I go forward. Not because I must, but because I’m blessed to. To write, to be a writer, to self-publish.

I may go on to question my talent (hmm, on a daily basis) or my ability to finish my projects —but I can never question my make-up—as I had loving souls who raised me. My parents gave me life (the world, really). They taught me by doing and being the example, and let me watch them so I could learn how to conquer the tiny piece of the world God’s gifted to me.

Here’s the lesson they taught me–

Work for what you want, don’t wait for other people’s permission to go after what you want, have Faith, love those around you, give, be a blessing and believe.

Time for me to put all of this good advice into action!

So while grieving might slow me down some—I’m getting back to work here, my friends.

I hope I haven’t been gone so long that those periodically checking this blog have lost interest and moved on. Still, the work, the writing, will go on.

I’m here, and will continue sharing with you my journey to self-publishing, tidbits from soon (that’s optimism speaking!) to be published novels & novellas, my thoughts and interest on the IR genre.

Thanks to you all in advance for your support! 🙂

When I’m having difficulty writing a post, I often find that locating the right picture to accompany my words can be the final shove of inspiration I need to cross the finish line on completing it.

The picture below made that happen for me as I struggled with this one.

All is not lost –

While he’s not here—my father will always be with me. There’s enough comfort in that to take with me as I keep making my way to reach my own dreams.

Dad's Hand

4 comments on “My Return

  1. Venice, I’m so sorry for your loss. I know God, The Father, is holding you close like your father held during your time together. You still have him with you guiding you, loving you through your memories and his wise counsel he gave you throughout your life. The grief will lessen, believe me. Only fond, loving memories will replace the pain you feel now.

    It’s hard for me to believe that in two days it will be a year since my own father left, but I have the most wonderful memories of our time together.

    My prayers, love and positive thoughts are with you always.

    • Oh my, this is such a beautiful, uplifting and life-giving reply, Alicia. Your words will stay close to my heart and spirit for a long, long time. Thank you! You have truly been blessed me. 🙂

      I’m sorry though to find out that you’re speaking out of having experienced this first hand, in losing your own dad just about year ago. My belated condolences, so sorry to hear this.

      We already share a lot in common, and I guess, this just reveals another way we’re connected, my friend.

      I appreciate your prayers!

      Love and good wishes for good things showing up in your life–God’s blessings!


  2. Mae Clair says:

    What a beautiful post and a testament to the influence your father had in your life, Venice. The lessons your parents left you are words to live by. I was also really touched by Alicia’s comment above. And that picture is…well, it makes me choke up.

    I know your father (and mother) are watching over you even now, and cheering you on as you move forward in life. Their love and the memories you have of them will help you face each day.

    I’m glad you took this step, my friend. Hugs and blessings to you!

    • Mae, I’m so glad I did this, too. I can honestly say I’m feeling a bit lighter today. It’s so wonderful to see that I was able to express what was in my heart. Your kind words confirmed that, and I’m so grateful to find you’ve posted them to my blog today. I wasn’t sure I could convey the message correctly.

      You know how grateful I am for your friendship, kinship is more like it. In our writing journey and our personal life- you’ve been there. *hug*

      I do have the love and memories of my parents, but i’m extremely blessed to have folks like you and Alicia on my side. Love you guys! ❤

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